Quality Engineering

An attempt to achieve exceptional outcomes

Businesses need test automation to speed up delivery and ensure quality.

The automation tests are often described by production teams as cornerstone. But there is no substitution for the human eye when it comes to user experience. Moreover, manual QA testing provides creative cases and much more value, while the automated tests focus on repetitive tasks.

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Manual Testing

We work collaboratively with your team to test and assure the product is functioned, stable and reliable at each level of the SDLC. Using our customized workflows and test scenarios, we ensure that your product is fully functional and error-free. Manual testing is recommended and performed primarily to ensure that the application is error-free and that it meets the specified functional requirements. Under our Manual testing we offer:

Black Box Testing
White Box Testing
Unit Testing
System Testing
Integration Testing
Acceptance Testing

API Testing

API testing is one of the best ways to identify any defects in the code, unravel any unnecessary or redundant codes in your software, and verify them. Our team of competent QA engineers will

Review the API specifications
Develop appropriate test plans and use cases
Choose the right tools from jMeter, Robot Framework, SOAP UI, Katalon, Ranorex, REST – Assured Postman, Postwoman
Integrate CI/CD pipelines
Perform testing and document the results

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