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Our creative team enables your customer’s infinite experiences!

Our creative team focuses more on creative designs appealing to users with the right technology, strategy and design into unique solutions to foster unwavering relationships with the users
User Experience designing approach is more dependent on understanding user persona and emphasizes on iteration, collaboration and measurability of a product. In Mequals technologies, we understand that design experience is more than the commercial elements in it and committed to hyper-personalized design experience to users.
Mequals Technologies understands our customers, creates versatile designs and UIs that the end-users can connect always. We work collaboratively with our clients to assimilate their requirements in order to deliver invaluable products to our customers.

How can we help you?

We design products and services that absorbs your audience

Realizing the requirements – By bringing keys stakeholders together to explore, brainstorm and collaborate, we allow our customers to define your organization’s objectives and audience as it is critical for any project to align everyone.
Defining our Strategy – The most effective strategy is to have an action plan that’s agreeable to all stakeholders
Wire framing & Rapid prototyping – A well defined service at the early stages of the project with fully designed prototypes will reduce time and budget. In this way, we involve the necessary stakeholders to test them and get feedback and avoid additional costs later.
Customer/User Journey Map & Information Architecture – We foster a culture of transparency by designing the service blueprint for the agreed service to create a smooth experience for all involved parties. Demonstrate the rapport for how the services are delivered and uncover the improvement areas to focus on.

We always focus on your audience to deliver critical insights

Content strategy – Enriched content is crucial for any website and it’s often ignored. We’ll assist you specify what content you need during the progress, and a plan to create, manage and deliver it.
Customer research and testing – Find out what your customers really want.

Keeping customer first approach during digital transformation

User Interface Design – We are an expert team of creative, skilled & technically sound professionals who have designed UIs from desktop websites to mobiles apps for almost all type of screens.
Interaction Design – We take immense care in designing visually immersing designs and focus on user experience to produce a reliable, compatible and pleasing effect on the target audience.
Front-end Development – Using the latest technologies, we make sure the design is translated into a functioning code at the dot level.

Our approach to building user persona to deliver a hyper-personalized experience

Design solves a problem. In order to provide a solution, you first need to understand the problem.
Research is the basic key step to design user experience.
This stage involves UI definition of required feature. Design team drives this activity which is based on the last two stages of the process.
Finalize the layout and flow of the required interface, the next step is to turn the initial mockups and wireframes to great-looking images with theme and styles applied to them.
Since technical people participate in early stages of the process, they can start implementation while Design phase is in progress. Development team connects the backend built with UI when they get design collections.
When product features are implemented, the end product is evaluated based on whether it’s usable, user friendliness, adaptability and above all if it’s meeting client requirements.

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